Mini Off-road Trucks


*Heater *Locking Doors *Rear View Mirror

*Side View Mirror *Head & Brake Lights *Turn Signals

*Windshield Wipers *Full Instrument Panel *4 x 4 All Wheel Drive

Additional Features:

*AM/FM Radio *Automatic or Standard Transmission

*Air Conditioning *ATV Tires

Please download Java(tm).

Please download Java(tm).


*Japanese mini trucks weigh approximately 1550 lbs, depending on the extras.

*Mini trucks are rated from the factory for a 750 lb. payload.

*Mini trucks models have a 660cc engine. All mini truck models have a 3-cyl in-line petrol engine.

*The rear box of a mini truck measures 6.2' long x 4.25' wide. This means a 6 ft. post will fit in with 4" to spare.

*Due to the lower center of gravity mini trucks are very stable, especially when compared to a quad.

Individuals and businesses are utilizing these amazing off-road vehicles to change everyday tasks. These 4 x 4 mini trucks can do their work and then some in the dirt. They are used as:

*Farm Utility Vehicles
*Ranch Trucks
*Off-road trail vehicles for hunters and rescue teams
*Compact Maintenance Vehicles

...the list goes on and on! These used mini trucks can do a lot of the same hauling jobs that off-roade utility vehicles can do, but with a more solid cab and longer truck bed--all at a very high gas mileage. They are also less expensive than typical utility vehicles. The number of off-road functions these micro-trucks can perform is almost endless.